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Haven Rose- 16 Days Old

Rogers, MN Photographer

Haven  is such a cutie patutie.  She gave her Momma and I a run for our money during her session and ultimately we decided to hold a second session  in hope that Haven would take a little nappy nap (so that we could get some sleeping baby images).  Sure enough, when I arrived she was sound asleep in her Mother’s arms and ready to have her picture taken.  I personally think that she was scared of my camera.  Yes, you heard me correctly, scared of my camera.  lol

I am so happy with the images and I just cannot wait to show them to you.  Enjoy!


Alexandra- 6 Months Old

Otsego, MN Photographer

This little girl is a mover and explorer.  The ground was wet during the session so I placed her in a basket to stay dry.  If it weren’t for the wet ground, she would have been showing me how fast she could move around on her own.  She is such a sweetheart.  She just smiled and smiled and smiled.  I love that!


Izzy- 1 year old

Elk River, MN

I cannot believe that this sweet angel is already 1 year old.  She is full of spunk and likes to explore everything around her.  The Elk River Library was the perfect location for her session because she was able to move around from book to book, hide behind the shelves and play a little hide and go seek.



Thank you Elk River Great River Regional Library for allowing us to showcase your library in this session.


Gage- 1 Year Old

Clear Lake, MN Photographer

Here is a little cutie from this summer.  His Mom is a dear friend of mine from way back in the day.  I have so many memories with her so it was really special for me to capture these memories for her.



Anders- 10 Days New

Ham Lake, MN Photographer

Meet sweet, Anders.  He enjoys snuggling with his adoring parents and waking up around 3am for late night parties. I can tell that he already knows his place in the family and knows that he is loved.


Around the World one Wednesday

Otsego, MN Photographer

I am one of the lucky ones that has attended a workshop by the very talented Barb Uil from Jinky Art.  Since attending the workshop I have become more confident in expressing who I am as a photographer through my pictures.  I have always known what kind of light, set ups and expressions that I like to photograph and throughout this past year I have been focusing my time on capturing those and showing them to all of you.  Barb gave me the little extra nudge that I needed to do that.  Thanks Barb!

Barb challenged me and other recent workshop attendees to create images that demonstrate the use of sun flare on a Wednesday night.  This wasn’t exactly super easy.  Most of our Wednesday in Minnesota lately have been cloudy.  Luckily, we did have a Wednesday 2 weeks ago that was mostly sunny.  Well, at least it was until the portrait session started.  Then the sun disappeared behind clouds.  It did make its appearance right before we were about to drive away so I quickly grabbed the dress and took a few shots.

Everyone is sharing their images on October 15, 2012.  How cool is that?!  So please take a moment to enjoy the pictures that I took of my beautiful Niece in my Mother’s wedding dress.  Then snuggle up with a warm coffee and take a mini vacation around the world to view other talented photographer’s beautiful Wednesday pictures.  All of their website links are listed at the bottom of this blog post.



Here are links to help you travel around the world:



Princess and The Pea

Otsego, MN Photographer

I always get super excited when I receive the go ahead to create a fun concept portrait session for my clients.  It is the perfect combination of my love for crafts, creativity, and fun interactions during a portrait session.  Every time I have done a session like this, there is such real emotions and play.  Who doesn’t want to remember their children like that?  Here are some of the many cute images that were created for this beautiful Princess.


*  The Mother of the infant was originally in the images to ensure the infants safety, but removed in post processing (photoshop).  Safety is always on my mind.


And a few more images that were taken after the Princess and The Pea…


Stella- 9 Months Old

Otsego, MN Photographer

Seriously, look how precious this little girl is.  She was so sweet and giggly up until the very end.  Then she politely told me that she was done having her picture taken.  Love that!


Lofton – 16 Days Old

Otsego, MN Photographer

This little guy is a super relaxed little guy.  He was wide awake for most of his session and just happy to hang out.



Alice- 7 Days New

Otsego, MN Photographer

Alice came to cuddle, I mean have her newborn portrait taken.  She was such a sleepy baby girl.  I could tell that she kept her Mommy up all night before, but her sleepiness sure did pay off in her portraits.  She is so precious.